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While machine translation quality has improved, it is still a brave organisation that would allow its marketing content, branded materials or internal knowledge to be entirely left to machine translation. To ensure no mis-translations or contextual errors, adding a human into the loop to edit the machine output is vital. 

With adaptive machine translation there is the added benefit that the human editors are giving the machine valuable feedback and error correction which it will use to adapt future translations to be more accurate, and reflect preferences of terminology and tone of voice. 

The maxim with any neural machine learning engine is ‘rubbish in, rubbish out’. So when you are doing post-editing of machine translation, it’s important that you give that work to native speakers who are experienced with post-editing, which is a different skill to full human translation, to be acquired and trained in.

Our machine translation editors

We work with groups of hand-picked and expert native-speakers. We provide them with our high-quality custom machine translation as a support, which they can choose to use to edit, or to deviate entirely from. With your help we give them a detailed brief on the purpose, use, audience, and tone of voice for the translations so that nothing is left to chance.