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Translation services and technology have become intimately linked in the last 30 years, and it’s impossible to separate them from each other.

Translation can still be delivered without technology. In the case of transcreation, which is highly creative adaptation of a text, we advocate for that approach. But even for transcreation, technology can help with quality assurance and application of glossaries, for example.

We operate a policy of best-fit technology, keeping the technology solutions you use lean, while ensuring use of the most appropriate, proven tools.

Translation Service Levels

We offer a range of translation services, from fully automated custom neural machine translation up to transcreation by marketing and advertising professionals. We will always apply the right service level to our clients’ work based on the type of project and output level needed.

NMT (Neural Machine Translation)

  • Fully automated translation by our neural network models which have been customised towards our clients’ content

AI-assisted translations or “human-in-the-loop” translation

  • Neural machine translation edited by professional native linguists to achieve publication-quality output, at lower cost. Not suitable for all languages or texts.

Full Human Translation with memory

  • Where machine translation data does not exist or quality is not yet there, we provide full human translation services, supported by translation memory


  • Adaptation done by marketing and advertising professionals who are native in the target language, according to a brief, for when you need to persuade or for key brand content


Translation Technologies

Machine Translation

In many languages automatic machine translation can help linguists with inspiration, productivity, and to unblock difficult translation challenges. It can also help our clients do more on limited budgets.

Translation Memory

Translation memories keep consistency and leverage past translations, which allows us to offer clients an enterprise-grade translation service that scales well and allows close control of language output and QA.

Translation Management System

Our translation management platform allows for lean and effective management of projects, linguists, documents, and translation memories and glossaries at scale.


And we offer our clients connectors, to optimise processes, increase automation, and reduce overhead on the clients’ side and in the overall translation process.