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Whether you need to get a translated version of your website up and running with minimal development overhead and within a few days, or if you want a more controlled and well optimised integration of your translations with your website, we can help. 

There are two key approaches to website localization that we offer.

Both involve a mix of tech and service solutions, and the right approach for your site will depend on various factors including your existing tech stack, your budget and your timeline to launch.

Approach #1: “On-the-fly” Translation

Also known as ‘in-the-browser’ translation, these solutions work using javascript to add a language selector to your website, and scrape the content strings from your website into a platform where linguists translate them.

Then, when a visitor requests a page in one of the available languages, the translations are pulled from the translation platform and rendered in the browser, on the fly, using javascript.

Approach #2: Translation Connectors

There are a lot of advantages to having the translations flowed back into your host Web CMS, PIM/PCM platform, or other data source for your website. These platforms are usually significant investments and come with a lot of powerful features.

Connectors facilitate easy transfer of content from a platform out to translation, and then pulling the translated content back and into the correct locales.

Comparing the two approaches

The table below compares the two approaches to localising your website with an indication of typical costs (actual costs for your site may vary depending on the volume of content your site has, and the subject area). 

On-the-fly TranslationTranslation Connector
Typical implementation time1-3 hours7-8 hours
Developer work required0-2 hours7-8 hours
Search Engine Optimizationkindayes
Translations reside in host CMSnoyes
Typical tech licence cost£500 per yr*£99 per yr*
Typical cost of high-quality translations£2,500 per language**£2,500 per language**

*Actual costs will depend on your CMS, site traffic and other variables. Contact us for a fixed quotation or more detailed estimate.

**Costs vary per language, for example French may cost less than Japanese, and the total amount will be calculated based on the number of words translated with discounts according to the amount of repetition across the site’s content. Contact us for a fixed quotation or more detailed estimate.

We help clients map possible solutions and select the right one. Choosing the wrong technology solution and services partner can be difficult to unpick.

We offer you the benefit of our market knowledge and experience of implementation and running website localization projects, so that your organisation can avoid those pitfalls.

Technical Website Audit

Regardless of the chosen approach to localising your website, there are technical setup decisions to make that will impact your site’s visibility and performance online.

From the choice of using top-level country code domain names, subdomains or folders, or setting up the right page structure, templates and language tagging, you can trust our knowledge and experience to help you speed up the process. 

These requirements also have to balanced against user experience requirements. It’s always a good idea to have a user-centric design to enable your audience to find the information they need, and convert them into leads in the right moments. Combining the UX and technical requirements is often a challenge.

We will help you make decisions so that your site has the right foundation to build on, to enable success in all your online target markets.